Year 6 – Rowan

Gordon Brown Centre – June 2021

On Friday 11th June 2021, Rowan Class spent the day at the Gordon Brown Centre in Hook.  We were blessed with perfect weather to spend the day outdoors, where we were focussing on team-building, building confidence and resilience ahead of our transition to secondary school and an opportunity to try new activities.

We started the day with den building, where we worked in teams to build a shelter that could withstand Mrs Sealey and her pump-action water pistol!  The centre had a section of woodland especially for building dens and we had a lot of fun working together to find suitable material and build a shelter that was safe and waterproof.   We sheltered in our dens and Mrs Sealey tested how good they were with a water pistol. We also named our dens and ‘Big Shack’ was crowned the winner!

We then got a chance to try our hand at archery, which was lots of fun and something new to try. While we waited for our turn at archery we learnt a new skill called ‘cording’ – this is like making a friendship bracelet using seven strands of wool and a cardboard square.

We enjoyed lunch together and then set out to try the low-ropes course.  This really pushed us out of our comfort zone and worked on our balance and strength as we negotiated lots of obstacles. We finished the day feeding the goats and pigs and saying hello to the donkeys and chickens.

It was a great day and lots of fun!

May 2021

This half-term, our geography is learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.  We have linked this to lots of our learning – we used drama in our English lesson to help us write about a tsunami; we  have started reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo and have been practising our art skills using Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ as inspiration for water-colour painting of waves.  In science, we have been learning about evolution and we also planted runner beans as part of our longitudinal study investigating what conditions are best for growing plants.  In computing, we have looked at different ways of storing, recording and searching data using databases and excel spreadsheets.

We have loved playing rounders in PE and looking at developing our fielding techniques and tactics and we have also started thinking about our Year 6 production.  We were also lucky to be able to complete our Bikeability course. We have had a very busy half-term!

March 2021

This term, we have enjoyed making clay teapots in art – we used all the techniques that we have learnt to add a lid, a spout and a handle.  We also enjoyed World Book Day and we had a webinar with an author, Struan Murray, who wrote one of our favourite books called ‘Orphans of the Tide’.  When we were in our smaller bubble, we developed a game which we called ‘Pan Ball’ and we had lots of fun playing together. In PE, we have started doing Tag Rugby and finding out how we can attack and defend.  We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in history and we discussed primary sources of information about the death of Tutankhamun – we tried to discover the reason he died so young.  We have been using drama in our English to help our writing between Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon as they searched for Tutankhamun’s tomb.  In maths, we have been exploring algebra and number sequences and in science we have looked at electricity and creating a circuit with a switch.  It is so good to all be back together!  – Josie and Bella

January 2021 Remote Learning

Rowan Class have live, interactive and compulsory daily lessons at 8:45, 11:30 and 13:30. Teachers will input to the children for approximately 15 minutes before the children complete approximately an hour of independent tasks offline. In addition children are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day at least 5 days a week. Click the Teams link below to join your lesson.

Digital copies of your work for today can be found here, paper copies can be picked up from the school.

You can submit your work to or drop paper copies off at school when picking up your work for the following day.

In addition to the schools core offer (outlined above) there are some fantastic free digital resources to support home learning. As a school we strongly recommend BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy to families wishing additional resources.

January 2021 Hampshire Schools Games Daily Challenge

Now, more than ever, it is important that pupils are physically active to support both their physical and mental well-being and the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines are for all children to be active for 60 minutes each day, 30 minutes of which is supported by schools.

As such, the Hampshire Schools Games Daily Challenge will begin on Monday 11th January and will initially run until February Half Term. Every Newlands pupil is invited to take part and each week we will email out the following week’s challenges.

The main aim of our campaign is to get and keep pupils (and adults if they wish) moving whilst trying to have some fun! The challenges will include some Well Being and Dance activities so should fit all tastes and preferences and participation certificates will be issued to those who take the challenge. The first week’s  challenges are attached and all that is required at the end of each week is to email  Mr Neighbour to inform him that you have completed the weekly challenges.

This is purely voluntary and not something you are expected or mandated to take part in but we hope you will find it of value and assistance during the latest lockdown situation.

HSG Week ONE Challenges (1)

Merry Christmas from Rowan Class

December 2020

This half-term, in PE we have been doing netball and learning how far away you stand and the different passes.  In DT we did cooking and learnt how to cook bread, scrambled eggs on toast and mini pizzas.  We got to eat them too!  We finished reading Goodnight Mister Tom in English and we watched the film.  We learnt how to read six-figure grid references in geography and how to do long division, calculate percentages and find fractions of amounts in maths.  We played Silent Night on the tuned percussion in music and explored light and colour in science.  We also made paper chains and decorated our class Christmas tree. We also loved having Miss Cutler and Miss Anson in our class and we were sad when they left.  It has been a very busy half-term!.  Isabella M and Lexi


This half term we have been calculating angles in geometry and improving our calculation for our arithmetic tests.  We have been learning about D-Day and the history of Blackbushe Airfield and evacuation linked to Goodnight Mister Tom.  We have learnt how to defend in hockey and not to tackle our own team! We created landscape art using perspective and in science, we conducted experiments to explore reversible and irreversible changes.

Mrs Sealey is reading us ‘Orphans of the Tide’ that we love and we have sent a message to the author and he replied to us, which was exciting.  We love Rowan Class already!

Mason, Ben and Aston

Rowan Class have continued working incredibly hard.  In maths, we have been focusing on BODMAS and multiples, factors and prime numbers.  They have taken on the role of Winston Churchill and his cabinet and planned an invasion of Europe in history and have developed their skills at creating landscapes using perspective in art.   In English, we have worked on constructing different types of sentences and creating setting linked to evacuation and Goodnight Mister Tom. We have also been looking at friendships, negotiation and compromise in PHSE and, in music, composers and music linked to war.  Hockey continues in PE and we are now putting our skills into practice in game situations and have completed experiments looking at properties of materials in science. In any ‘spare’ minute, we are reading ‘Orphans of the Tide’ and I am loving hearing the children’s predictions of who might be ‘The Vessel’ – it is edge of seat stuff!  Another of our favourite activities is to try and locate all the countries in Europe and their knowledge of European geography and world flags is now pretty impressive.  I can’t really praise them enough for how engaged they all are and it really is fantastic to watch their learning progress.

Meet The Teacher  2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to host our popular Meet The Teacher sessions in school. Instead click on the links below to reader a letter of introduction from the class teacher and an expanded copy of our class presentation. If you could e-mail any questions you have to so that in the coming days we can make an FAQs page.

06 Year 6 letter Rowan Class

06 Curriculum evening Sept 2020 Rowan Class


Rowan Class have had a fantastic start to the year and I have been so grateful for their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace a new school year.  We have recapped calculation methods, started reading Goodnight Mister Tom, learnt about the events leading up to World War 2, played very competitive hockey in PE and built bridges to show how we can work as a team.  I am really excited to continue a journey through Year 6 with them.  You should be very proud of how hard they have worked.

This term we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. A whole class text is ‘Who Let the Gods Out!’ by Maz Evans. We have really enjoyed the first two chapters and can’t wait to find out what has happened to Elliot’s mum. We have started the year learning about negative numbers and Roman Numerals.  While we have found this challenging we are working hard  to learn more. In P.E we are learning about rugby and all the rules we will need to follow.

Connor & Isabella M

Beech Class Visit the Winchester Planetarium

Year 5 had a brilliant, engaging day out at the Winchester Planetarium to consolidate their learning of Earth and space. They took part in a robot workshop, where they programmed robots to move in certain directions. Beech class then experienced the fantastic planetarium show taking us on a journey through space.


A copy of the September 2019 Curriculum Presentation can be found here