Year 5 – Beech Class

October 2020

This half term we have been working incredibly hard to get as much learning done as possible. In English, we have been writing a biography on Major Tim Peake using our knowledge of adverbials of time and place. In Maths, we have focused on the four main operations, angles and area/perimeter. In Science, we have conducted many experiments to show how states of matter change due to a change in temperature. In PE, we have been learning the skills and techniques used in Hi5 netball, such as pivoting and different passes and gaining lots of game time.  By Ava and Teddie

Meet The Teacher  2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to host our popular Meet The Teacher sessions in school. Instead click on the links below to reader a letter of introduction from the class teacher and an expanded copy of our class presentation. If you could e-mail any questions you have to so that in the coming days we can make an FAQs page.

05 Year 5 Beech Class Letter Mrs Harris

05 Year 5 Beech Class Letter Mrs Richardson

Welcome to the Year 5 meet the teacher September 2020 


Minstead Wednesday 9th October 2019

18:55 – We have just finished dinner, sausages and crumble. Yummy! Already today we have walked the Ditch of Doom, picked our creature teachers and got stuck in the mud.

20:35 – An evening of journal writing, followed by a campfire with songs and stories in an Iron Age Round House. 25 minutes from lights out and a good nights sleep?

Minstead Thursday 10th October 2019

1:34 – Question from the boys dorm “is it morning” it would appear that after two hours sleep the boys a suitably refreshed and are ready to start the day. However Mr Neighbour insists on at least a few more hours.

6:38 – The boys have been awake for at least an hour. They are now showered and ready for the day. The girls are still asleep.

13:20 – After a hearty breakfast we have spent the morning immersed in Viking farming. We started by feeding the chickens while we thought about the similarities and differences between chicken farming today and in Viking times. Next was a trip to the top field to meet the Scandinavian sheep. After a quick break we made natural dyes and experimented with colouring wool.

19:47 – We started the afternoon writing the runes, then we learned about wattle and daub and built mini Viking longhouses. This involved digging for clay which resulted in some messy children. After a short break we leaned about Viking cooking and herbal potions before toasting our bread on a camp fire. Dinner was pizza followed by birthday cake. In the evening was a Viking story around the campfire with toasted marshmallows.

Minstead Friday 11th October

7:24 – The boys were again first awake but they did let Mr Neighbour sleep until 6:22 at which point we discovered a Hornet in the boys bathroom. In a heroic/Herculean attempt to remove the visitor Mr Neighbour managed to shriek, loose a mug out the window and at one point double the hornet population. After a epic 10 minute encounter the bathroom was declared Hornet free. As this is being written we await a room inspection, the boys currently lead but anything could happen.

16:14 – Back at school. Last of the photos have been uploaded. I have had a wonderful 3 days with a wonderful class but it’s time to head home.

Thank you to all who attended, a copy of the Y4 Curriculum Evening presentation can be found here