Year 4 – Maple

Good Morning!

Another wonderful evening! We are packed, and looking forward to returning home after lunch.

Good Evening!

Pictures from an action packed second day. Moths, chickens, sheep, mud pie and a camp fire.

Morning everybody!

Maple Class have survived night 1 and are refreshed and raring to go! We are just about to have breakfast before a full day of exciting activities…..We’ll keep you posted!

Evening everybody……..lots of tired but happy children here! It’s 8.45 as I type this, and the children are about to have a hot chocolate before a 9.15 bedtime. Most have showered, and if they haven’t – they will tomorrow! All is well – we’ll update further tomorrow….Mr Furzland


Minstead Woodland Walk

We have arrived safely at Minstead. Having checked out the accommodation, we met and went a for woodland walk. Everyone is well fed, happy and tired. Mr Neighbour, 27/6/2018