Year 2 – Oak

January 2021 Remote Learning

Oak Class have live, interactive and compulsory daily registration at 10:00. In addition children are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day at least 5 days a week. Click the Teams link below to join your lesson.

Digital copies of work will be uploaded on Tapestry. Paper copies can be picked up from the school or downloaded here.

You can submit your work on Tapestry or e-mail to or drop paper copies off at school when picking up your work for the following day.

Your daily phonic lessons available on the RWI picture/link below. You should have been informed by the Class Teacher which lesson your child should be doing.

In addition to the schools core offer (outlined above) there are some fantastic free digital resources to support home learning. As a school we strongly recommend BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy to families wishing additional resources.

January 2021 Hampshire Schools Games Daily Challenge

Now, more than ever, it is important that pupils are physically active to support both their physical and mental well-being and the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines are for all children to be active for 60 minutes each day, 30 minutes of which is supported by schools.

As such, the Hampshire Schools Games Daily Challenge will begin on Monday 11th January and will initially run until February Half Term. Every Newlands pupil is invited to take part and each week we will email out the following week’s challenges.

The main aim of our campaign is to get and keep pupils (and adults if they wish) moving whilst trying to have some fun! The challenges will include some Well Being and Dance activities so should fit all tastes and preferences and participation certificates will be issued to those who take the challenge. The first week’s  challenges are attached and all that is required at the end of each week is to email  Mr Neighbour to inform him that you have completed the weekly challenges.

This is purely voluntary and not something you are expected or mandated to take part in but we hope you will find it of value and assistance during the latest lockdown situation.

HSG Week ONE Challenges (1)

Merry Christmas from Oak

It has continued to be a busy term in Oak class. In computing we have using our newly acquired skills to put together a part of Christmas film. In between all our learning we have been having fun as well!

Year 2 have been working extremely hard on writing their stories the Ice Palace. More recently we have been rewriting our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood. In mathematics we have been finding out about fractions. In order to understand what ¼, 2/4, ¾ and 4/4 means we created our own fraction pizzas from scratch. We have also been solving tricky problems. In our Art we have been developing our own Banksy works of art with paint. It has been really interesting finding out how to use our art to create messages.

Meet The Teacher  2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to host our popular Meet The Teacher sessions in school. Instead click on the links below to reader a letter of introduction from the class teacher and an expanded copy of our class presentation. If you could e-mail any questions you have to so that in the coming days we can make an FAQs page.

Year 2 parent letter

Welcome to the Year 2 Curriculum Evening 2020


“We have loved reading ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ and ‘The lonely Beast’” – Alexia

“We have been learning to write instructions, that’s why we made chocolate cakes” – Lyla

“We have been learning to count in 5’s and 10’s” – Annabelle

“We have been learning about cold snowy mountains and icebergs in Antarctica” – Isla

Year 1 have worked very hard over the last few weeks and we are very proud of them.

We have been partitioning ‘teen’ numbers into tens and ones, counting in tens and looking at number lines practically and thinking where the numbers go.

In English have been following the story of ‘Halibut Jackson’ by David Lucas.  He is a very shy character and the children have been writing descriptions and letters about him.

In art, we have been creating portraits with pencil and paint.  The children have thought very carefully about where the different features are on faces with great results.

Wow! Well Done Year 1 for a great start to the year! We have completed so much learning in the last two weeks and you have all been amazing. We have been doing Phonics, Maths and English everyday as well as learning about our topic in the afternoons.

A copy of the September 2019 Curriculum Presentation can be found here