Year 2 – Oak Class

Year 2 have had a great start to the year, working very hard in all subjects. As part of our literacy work ‘Out of the Blue’ pupils have been acting out what it might be like, as the main characters, exploring on the beach. Then the children wrote diaries as if they were the boy who lived in the lighthouse. We pretended that we woke up startled by the storm raging around us. Our next step is to explore what might happen after the Octopus is washed up on the beach.

 In our mathematics work we have been learning about two-digit numbers and exploring number sequences. We have found out about how number sequences work and how to find out what is happening in a number sequence. Some of us have even been working hard to solve problems like the one below…

 I start on number 18. I count on in 5s. Will I say the number 21? Yes or No

As part of our Design Technology learning we have been experimenting with cogs, levers and linkages to create our own moving animals. We look forward to sharing our final efforts, once we have designed and made them.

A copy of the September 2019 Curriculum Presentation can be found here