Year 2 – Oak Class

Covid-19 School Closure – 25th March 2020

Below are some activities recommended by the class teacher

Bedtime Story 25th March

Keep Calm and Make Music KS1 Walking the Dog

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Covid-19 School Closure – 24th March 2020

Below are some activities recommended by the class teacher

School Closure Suggested Activities Year 2

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Year 2 have been working extremely hard on writing their stories about the Ice Palace. More recently we have been rewriting our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood. In mathematics we have been finding out about fractions. In order to understand what ¼, 2/4, ¾ and 4/4 means we created our own fraction pizzas from scratch. We have also been solving tricky problems. In our Art we have been developing our own Banksy works of art with paint. It has been really interesting finding out how to use our art to create messages.

Year 2 have been enjoying ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ over the past few weeks, The children have loved reading to each other, listening to friends read and independently reading the story. As a result we have also developed our own versions of the Marvellous Medicine stories. The children were proud of their achievements having used skills learnt in literacy throughout the topic. We are now looking forward to starting our new text ‘Ice Palace’. The class have written some brilliant predictions about what they think will happen in the story. We have also created mock-ups in clay of our ice palaces, when learning to join clay together. Next we will work on developing texture using the clay. All of Key Stage 1 have been working hard on making our Nativity superb. We look forward to sharing it with all of you and the school in the coming weeks!

Year 2 have had a great start to the year, working very hard in all subjects. As part of our literacy work ‘Out of the Blue’ pupils have been acting out what it might be like, as the main characters, exploring on the beach. Then the children wrote diaries as if they were the boy who lived in the lighthouse. We pretended that we woke up startled by the storm raging around us. Our next step is to explore what might happen after the Octopus is washed up on the beach.

 In our mathematics work we have been learning about two-digit numbers and exploring number sequences. We have found out about how number sequences work and how to find out what is happening in a number sequence. Some of us have even been working hard to solve problems like the one below…

 I start on number 18. I count on in 5s. Will I say the number 21? Yes or No

As part of our Design Technology learning we have been experimenting with cogs, levers and linkages to create our own moving animals. We look forward to sharing our final efforts, once we have designed and made them.

A copy of the September 2019 Curriculum Presentation can be found here