SEN Information Report

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Welcome to Newlands Primary School – a place of inspiration.

Newlands is a UNICEF Rights Respecting School. As a school we are committed to: equal rights, mutual respect, and shared responsibility in our school, our local community and globally.

At Newlands we strive to create a sense of community and belonging for all our pupils. We have an inclusive ethos with high expectations and suitable targets, a broad and balanced curriculum for all children and systems for early identification of barriers to learning and participation.

Our Vision Statement: 

Newlands is a school where we are committed to getting the best out of each other. We exemplify best practice in our ‘Rights, Respects and Responsibilities’ ethos. We embrace the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and ensure that ALL pupils achieve the highest standards possible.

At Newlands Primary School the basis of our provision for children with special educational needs is that we fundamentally believe:

– All children are valued equally regardless of their abilities and behaviours.
– All children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is differentiated to meet their individual needs.


How does Newlands Primary School know if children need extra help and what do I do if I think my child has special educational needs?

We have a range of ways we identify children who may need extra help with their learning or may have additional needs. These include:
– On entry observations.
All children will complete assessments when they start in Reception Class which will form part of their Early Years monitoring.
– Half termly monitoring of progress in Reading, Writing and Maths.
We will quickly be able to spot any child who is not making the progress we would expect for their age.
– Regular assessments of reading and spelling age.
At least twice a year your child will be tested on their reading and spelling skills to give them an ‘age’. Your child’s ability to recognise or read the sounds which make up a word is tested in Key Stage One.
– Concerns raised by your child’s Class Teacher or Learning Support Assistant.
At Newlands we pride ourselves on the relationships which are formed between your child and their teaching team.
– Concerns raised by you.
We value the relationship you have with your child and your knowledge of them. Our open door policy means we are always happy to work in partnership with you and hope you will be confident to share information which could have an impact on your child’s performance.
– Professional Diagnosis and Outside Agencies
We work closely with our School Nurse on any medical issues your child may have, as well as having close relationships with a range of external experts who can support both in school and you at home.

How will Newlands and I know how my child is doing at school?

Your child’s Class Teacher will ‘Plan, Do and Review’ the learning for every child in their class. The Teacher will regularly observe and assess your child, and will then plan an engaging and challenging curriculum accordingly. We believe in high quality teaching where by your child’s Class Teacher is best placed to plan and guide your child’s learning.

Newlands also has a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who has the responsibility of making sure that children with additional learning needs make progress. It is her job to oversee all the additional support given, monitor the impact of this support and to review, where necessary.

The Class Teacher will work along their classroom Learning Support Assistant, yourself and your child, along with guidance from the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, to write an individual education plan (IEP) each term. This will be shared with yourself and your child so that we are all aware of the targets which your child is working towards. This is a working document and is under constant review and subject to be updated at any time.

How will you help me to support my child’s learning?

Class Teachers will invite parents into school at the start of each academic year to share with you what the learning will be for that year and their expectations for the children. Soon after there will be the first of two formal invitations into school to meet with your child’s teacher.

In the Autumn Term we hold ‘Pupil Led Learning Reviews’ where your child will share their learning with you with assistance from the teacher. A more formal ‘Parent’s Evening’ will be held later in the year to report on progress across the academic year and next steps.

Every child will receive a written report giving you a clear indication of the progress they have made both academically and in a wider contribution to school life. For all pupils this will be sent home in the Summer Term. Pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 will receive their end of key stage results with this report.

How will the staff at Newlands Primary School support my child?

Your child’s Class Teacher will plan activities and lessons based on the support identified in your child’s Individual Education Plan, which will enable the children to work at a suitable level with an appropriate amount of challenge. Standards of teaching are monitored regularly to ensure that it is of a high quality and meets the needs of all pupils.

The school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will work alongside the Class Teacher to arrange any additional provision for the children with special educational needs. This maybe also in collaboration with the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team.

How is the decision made about what type of support of child will receive and how often this will be?

All children at Newlands are entitled to inclusive high quality teaching. Should your child require additional support the Class Teacher will discuss the child’s needs with the Special Needs Co-ordinator. Different children will require different levels of support in order to narrow the gap between your child and their peers. This may include small group work or focused tasks, or more personalised learning delivered on a one-to-one basis.

How will the curriculum at Newlands be matched to my child’s needs?

All our Class Teachers use regular assessment opportunities (both formal and informal) to judge how your child is doing and will plan lessons which meet the needs of all pupils. We have high expectations of all our learners in all areas of the curriculum.

A broad curriculum is delivered to all our children and there may be opportunities to work with specialist teachers for Art, Music and P.E. All classes have off site visits throughout the year to bring their learning alive in an engaging and purposeful way. During Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 there are annual residential school trips.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

Your child will be fully integrated into the life of the school and curriculum, recognizing the strengths of every child as an individual and ensuring they contribute to the social and cultural activities in school.
We work closely with specialist teacher advisors to complete risk assessments for children with physical disabilities, and in advance of any off site activity, such as swimming, a school visit or residential trip.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

We are an inclusive school; we welcome and celebrate diversity. As demonstrated in our ‘Vision Statement’ our team of staff believe in building high quality relationships with the children in order to develop high self-esteem.

The Class Teacher has overall responsibility for your child’s wellbeing whilst in School, and as such will be your first point of contact. The Class Teacher can liaise with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at Newlands for additional support with any pastoral, medical or social care. On occasion it may be appropriate to contact outside agencies such as Health and Social Services, or Primary Support Team for guidance and we will work alongside them where necessary.

At Newlands we have a fully trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant who is available to support vulnerable pupils. She works under the guidance and supervision of the Hampshire Educational Psychology Service.

What training is provided for the staff at Newlands who are working with children with additional needs?

At Newlands Primary we have a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Mrs Walker. She is a fully qualified teacher with experience of teaching Infant and Junior pupils. She has also completed a Masters level qualification in Special Educational Needs.

Mrs Walker is responsible for attending regular update meetings and briefings, and shares these will all members of staff in school. The team of Learning Support Assistants also meet regularly with her for training purposes. Key messages and essential information are communicated and shared through these meetings regarding key pupils, intervention strategies, and relevant research and policies.

At Newlands we are committed to ensuring that staff are trained to meet the needs of pupils with additional needs and their knowledge is updated when necessary. Recently, whole school training has been delivered by the Hampshire Educational Psychology Service to teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors.

As a school we work closely with a range of external specialist services which are relevant to our pupils’ needs. These may include Speech and Language Therapists, Behaviour Support Workers, Parent Support Advisors, Social Workers, Paediatricians and Educational Psychologists. In addition the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Head Teacher are able to consult with Hampshire County Council for advice and support. We also have specialist ELSA support (emotional literacy support) which is supervised by the Hampshire Education Psychology Service.

What specialist services are Newlands able to access?

Where appropriate, Newlands are able to access expert advice in a range of areas, including health through our School Nurse, Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Primary Behaviour Support, and Childrens’ Mental Health Services, amongst others. Referrals to these outside agencies and support services are subject to their own guidelines and time frames.

How accessible is Newlands Primary School?

Newlands Primary School is mainly a single storey building with all the classrooms having easy access to indoor communal areas (such as the library or hall) and outdoor provision. There is ramp access to the grass areas on the playground. An accessible toilet is available on the ground floor along the main corridor of our school. Our car park contains a designated disabled parking bay by the front entrance.

How are your parents and carers currently involved in Newlands Primary School? Who can I contact for further information about getting involved?

At Newlands we strive to create a sense of community and the parents/carers of our pupils are a key part in this. Prior to joining our school parents are invited to visit, and for those with children starting in Year R a New Parents’ Evening is held annually. There are two formal parents’ evening where you and your child have a chance to meet with the Class Teacher. Your child will play an important role in leading their own learning review in the Autumn Term and will make a comment on their own report.

We work closely with all parents to listen to their views so as to build on children’s previous experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills so that they develop in all areas of the curriculum.

If your child has additional needs we will share information informally throughout the year, and you may be asked to contribute towards the targets which are set for your child.

All parents are kept up-to-date with developments in SEN, recent training and methods for supporting their children with learning at home through the termly Inclusion Newsletter.

How will Newlands prepare and support my child to move onto Secondary School?

We work closely with Yateley School, our main ‘feeder’ school, to ensure all pupils are familiar with their new setting. The children will have upto 3 opportunities to visit during Year 5 and 6, as well as working alongside teachers from Yateley School who visit Newlands during the Summer Term. We also work alongside the Learning Support Team from Yateley School who runs an additional support programme specifically tailored to aid transition for more vulnerable pupils.

For pupils moving to other Secondary Schools or transferring to other Primary schools during their time at Newlands, we work closely with that school to ensure that all relevant information is shared, and follow any transition plan they may have in place.

What steps should I take if I have a concern about the provision for special educational needs at Newlands Primary School?

If you have any questions or concerns your first point of contact should be to speak informally with that member of staff, usually your child’s Class Teacher. If you do not feel satisfied after this initial contact we have a clear complaints structure in place which is agreed with our Governing Body.
Please refer to Complaints Policy for further information.

Where can I get further information about the services for my child?

As part of Hampshire County Council, the Hampshire Local Offer should be your first point of reference for any further information. This can be found at: