National Links

Below is an article written by a Birchfield student who visited Newlands.

Some Year 5 and 6 pupils went to Hampshire to visit Newlands Primary School with teachers on Monday 29th March. When we got there they gave us buddies who showed us around their school.

My buddies name was Fleur and she had blonde hair and she was in year 5. She was really kind and I hope to see her again sometime in my life.

We had a questionnaire that we filled out with our buddies. We also had the opportunity to have a drink and some delicious biscuits. The school had a fish pond indoors and all the children were extremely polite and good mannered. There was also a film crew who were filming us in different parts of the school.

We took a mural that we had made for Nelson Mandela to the headteacher of Newlands, Mr McCarthy. Afterwards he took the mural to South Africa to the Mandela Museum. The title of the mural is ‘Legacy of Nelson Mandela’. Underneath we chose words which we think best represent him including ‘freedom’, ‘love’, ‘justice’, ‘hope’ and ‘honesty’.